" … and then there are moments, a very very few moments but still moments."
Gertrude Stein, Plays, 1934

A play as a landscape is a venture between architecture and theatre. Taking from Le Cabine dell'Elba by architect Aldo Rossi, it translates -literally- Gertrude Stein’s thought on theatre; intended not as a place of narration but as a landscape. To stage it is a performative installation that dramatizes the passage of time in relation to the presence of an object. This object, in this case, consists of a cluster of houses with vaguely human proportions that contains a multitude of stories, an urban landscape built paradoxically on the absence of men, with which, however, the onlookers empathize thanks to their willingness to listening. The observation of the object is transformed into a real experience: through colour, materials, light, plasticity and image -elements generally secondary in the theatre- the installation calls into question the usual way of reading an architecture or a sculpture, wondering how to sculpt time through stasis and movement.
Viewers are invited to slow down their sense of time to confront the ineffable movement of architecture. In this way the reality and its representation are explored, provoking different feelings through the simple positioning of an object in front of people who share with it the same time and space.








by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

> idea, directing and set-design Filippo Andreatta
> production Gli Ipocriti
> co-production OHT, Teatro Pubblico Campano
> supported by InteatroPROD
> winner of Nuove Sensibilità 2008

II version (2015/16)

> by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre
> idea, directing and set-design Filippo Andreatta
> set-design and wonder Paola Villani
> photographer Antonio Ottomanelli
> stage manager Valentina Tescari
> suond Matteo Massocco
> light Stefano Bardelli
> video-maker Valeria Palermo
> technician Danilo Tamburini
> a commission by CRT Teatro dell’Arte – Triennale Milano
> a co-production by OHT, CRT Teatro dell’Arte
> supported by Centrale Fies, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Città di Rovereto

production history

from 24.XII to 01.VIII.2009 Dro, Festival Drodesera - Centrale Fies
20.VII.2009 Monte Sant'Angelo, Teatro Civile Festival, 
from 23 to 26.IX.2012 Trento, Spazio 14
from 17 to 21.XIII.2013 Novgrag (HR), Arterija IV Festival of Visual Arts, Lapidarium Museum
from 27.XII.2015 to 10.I.2016 Milano, CRT Teatro dell'Arte Triennale

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