“A little mob of houses with human proportions, vaguely. Little by little the mob unwraps itself to the viewer and every house has a slight diversity, minute proportions that wrap different stories. Memories flee away from the interstices of the walls, little pieces of lives blend into each other. The rapidity of reporting and the similarity of the facts make these unique experiences vanishing. Bit by bit, the rough homogeneity turns into personal. An intimacy shaped on your willingness to listening. Hence, those stories shine of a light able to solidify into the air, retrieving the intimacy of narration.”

In The Brooklyn Follies, Paul Auster introduces Bios Unlimited, a company of biography insurance that publishes books about the beloved. These stories and facts about the “forgottens” witness that “all men contain several men inside them and most of us bounce from one self to another without ever knowing who we are”. This bouncing, shaped on the Huts from Elba by arch. Aldo Rossi, is the foundation to set up a performance of pure visual and aural impact. A piece on story-telling as medium of our collective memory with the lack of contemporary story-tellers. The void left by the story-teller casts the performance on the burden of the untold bodies and those bodies find back their humanity only through the listening of the onlookers.



running time





by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

> directing, set and video Filippo Andreatta
> sound Francesca Bucciero
> light Arnaud Poumarat
> people Fulvio Accogli, Mattia Adami, Milo Adami, Francesca Cola, Paola Grilli, Marco Musso, Loredana Scianna, Alberto Spagone, Gabriela Tanase
> production Gli Ipocriti
> co-production OHT, Teatro Pubblico Campano
> supported by InteatroPROD
> winner of Nuove Sensibilità 2008


production history

2-3-4.VII.2008 Polverigi, Festival Inteatro
05.XII.2008 Spoleto, fucina Off
18.VII.2009 Torino, Festival Teatro a Corte 
10-11.X.2009 Napoli, Nuovo Teatro Nuovo
16.X.2009 Macerata, circuito AMAT
07.X.2009 Milano, Spazio MIL
from XI to XII 2009 Napoli, MADRE museum of contemporary art
25.III.2010 Parma, Teatro delle Briciole
17.IV.2010 Lugano (CH), FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro
25.VII.2010 San Sepolcro, Kilowatt festival
from 04 to 09.II.2011 Rovereto, MART museum of modern and contemporary art – auditorium Melotti
07.IV.2011 Venezia, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

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