Buzz revolves around the figure of English photographer Eadweard James Muybridge (1830 – 1904), considered the pioneer of photographing motion. Although Muybridge was not interested in celebrity, despite himself he became a public figure when he was on trial for the murder of his wife’s lover in San Francisco. He was perhaps the first artist who saw his own private life enter the public domain, assisted by the Californian Governor Leland Stanford, who provided the economic support for him to realise his famous photographic series Human and Animal Locomotion. Muybridge’s irascible behaviour, together with his relationship with one of the most powerful men of his era, contributed to making him an involuntary star.

Analysing Muybridge and his contribution to the process of transition from static images to motion, the installation reflects the ambiguous relationship between reality and its representation.



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by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

> idea and directing Filippo Andreatta
> editor Chiara Spangaro
> audio and video finalization Pierpaolo Ferlaino
> video footage by “Muybridge! Muybridge!” Martina Menegon
> audio sample by “Muybridge! Muybridge!” Stefano D’Alessio
> production OHT, Whitechapel Art Gallery
> historical research based on “Motion Studies: time, space & Eadweard Muybridge”, by Rebecca Solnit, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2003, UK

production history

12.VII.2014 Londra (UK), Whitechapel Art Gallery, “Double Vision” within “Twixt Two World”, exhibit curated by Gaia Tedone


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