Riccardo Giacconi interviews Filippo Andreatta.

Can you tell us something about the work that you will present at Helicotrema 2015?
It is a recording, a diary created during a residency at Albers Foundation in Connecticut (US) while I was studying the work of Josef Albers.

The work was part of a theatrical performance in which sound was listened to on a recording without being spoken live. Starting from a theatrical point of view, how did you work with collective listening of a recorded sound source?
The performance you are referring to [squares do not (normally) appear in nature] is an abstract performance, that is, without actors or performers, in which the protagonists are the elements that – too often in a theatrical environment – are left in the background, such as sound, colors, the scenery, etc. The extract that I present at Helicotrema arises from the desire to create a moment of strong intimacy with the public and therefore, almost unexpectedly in the performance, you hear my diary from my residency. A diary being by nature something private and not shared. Nonetheless in the moment that you listen to it, a sort of tacit pact occurs between the availability of the public to listen to it and the emotional dignity of the work.

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Could you tell us a little about the importance of sound and listening in your artistic research?
In many of my pieces, and in particular in this latest performance without performers, listening is fundamental. I would say almost preparatory to the existence of the piece itself, because in essence my research is an invitation to take some time for ourselves to discover something that sits lightly outside of established standards. If there is not a predisposition to listening on the part of the audience, the work itself has no effect.



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by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

idea Filippo Andreatta
> technical advice Studio di Registrazione Lo Spaziale Bologna
thanks to Riccardo Giacconi

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from 25.IX to 04.XI.2015 Venezia-Firenze-Bologna, Helicotrema Festival

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