“Have you ever found a man sympathetic when he was tired? Have you ever desired someone who did not arrive? If you make the first move is it to explain? Is it better to persist or start again from the beginning? Are you waiting for something to happen to you?”

As long as you move (Fino a quando ti muovi) is an interactive installation, a mute dialogue with the spectator, in which a video of letters that move, turn, spin, appear and disappear, are suddenly transformed by the spectator: the moving and pausing are decodified in real-time by a web-cam. In the moment that one chooses to stop and watch, waiting for something to be revealed, the letters arrange themselves in a question that exists until you move. Move, stay still, move again: the letters break up in flight and rearrange themselves into new questions.

The time of the installation is totally dictated by the spectator. Here the action is not only in watching but in choosing a point of view, it is not in providing answers but in posing questions, not in the gesture of the artist but in that of the spectator. The questions focus on the coordination of mind and body: deliberately quotidian, they conceal or reveal the relationship between movement and thought, between the space of activity and intimate spaces.








by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

> idea and computing Filippo Andreatta
> questions Filippo Andreatta and Ilaria Mancia
> computing supported by Klaus Obermaier
> production OHT
> in collaboration with Università IUAV di Venezia, Facoltà di Design e Arti

production history

30.XI.2011 Rovereto, Teatro alla Cartiera
25-26.VI.2010 Polverigi, Festival Inteatro
dal 09.VII al 11.VII.2010 Santarcangelo, Festival del Teatro in Piazza
dal 01.VII al 09.VII.2011 Pergine, Festival Pergine Spettacolo Aperto
dal 22.IX al 25.IX.2011 Minsk, Live Performance Meeting



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