How is an artistic project born? What does “participatory installation” mean and how can it be realised in the hands of more than an individual artist? These and other questions are at the base of An arsenal for the flotilla at Mart (Un arsenale per la Flottiglia al Mart), a two-day workshop in which hundreds of paper boats were constructed, making up the installation created by OHT for the second edition of the Notte Verde in Rovereto. The participants could make one or more boats with paper from the Cartiere Villa Lagarina, thus signing a piece of the work that was installed in the centre of Rovereto during the Notte Verde.

For two days the Sculpture Garden and the terraces of Mart were transformed into an open-air party were everyone was invited to construct a flotilla together with the artist/author of the project. The project was a work-in-progress that continued to grow over the course of the evening, involving an always greater number of people. The project focused on artworks as a collective process in which individual artistic creation gives way to a meeting between diverse people who, together, construct similar paper boats. The artistic process in this way becomes a place of meeting and relating between the participants in the two days of An arsenal for the flotilla. Once completed, the Flotilla was installed in several alleys of the city of Rovereto, integrating with the urban landscape and transforming several passages into an artwork that underlines the strong links between unity and plurality.








by OHT | Office for a Human Theatre

idea Filippo Andreatta
> commission by Comune di Rovereto for Green Night
> supported by Cartiere Villa Lagarina
in collaboration with MART museum of modern and contemporary art

production history

12-19.V.2012 > Rovereto, MART museum of modern and contemporary art
01-02.VI.2012 > Rovereto 

number of replica