Founded in 2008, OHT [Office for a Human Theatre] is the research studio of theatre-maker and curator Filippo Andreatta whose work deals with landscape, daily personal politics and public spaces.

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OHT has achieved national and international collaborations such as La Serre Arts Vivants (CA), Venice Biennale (IT), Haydn Foundation (IT), NYC Artists’ Salon (USA), Romaeuropa festival (IT), Triennale Teatro Milan (IT), the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (USA), Whitechapel Gallery London (UK), Italian Cultural Institute of Vienna (AT), MAXXI museum of the arts of the XXI century Rome (IT), among the others. Finally, Centrale Fies has frequently been partner of various projects, either for productions or for premieres and, for two-year-period 2021-22, OHT was associate artist of CSC S.Chiara Trento.


Press Quote

Interstellar solitude, quantum leaps and the heart in OHT's Frankenstein - by Gianna Valenti
"It's an extremely poetic, immersive and visionary work that asks us to embrace the actions of the scene with the totality of our embodied physical presence and the complexity of our energetic presence, as fields of perception and listening beyond our visibility."
Pane Acqua e Culture, 16/II/2023

The promised dawn is coloured blue - by Laura Zangarini
"A performance of rapturous beauty"
La Lettura / Corriere della Sera, 18/VII/2021

The promised dawn is coloured blue - by Laura Zangarini
"A performance of rapturous beauty"
La Lettura / Corriere della Sera, 18/VII/2021

The Theatre and the emergency, because it is appropriate to go on TV and on the web - by Franco Cordelli
"As for the theatre, there's last year's revelation, Filippo Andreatta, the most experimental director we've met in many years."
Corriere della Sera, 23/IV/2020

Curon, the underwater country finds life again - by Anna Bandettini
"And the whole has the scent of a ritual, which closes with the profile of the bell tower that emerges from the waters that little by little is outlined before the eyes of the spectators on stage. Like a magnificent, disturbing ghost."
la Repubblica, 03.II.2020

July 19, 1985. An Alpine tragedy - by Francesca Serrazanetti
"It's a scene of extreme grace that opens July 19, 1985, OHT's new work."
Stratagemmi prospettive teatrali, 18.XI.2019

July 19, 1985. At 12:22 a.m., an alpine tragedy - by Alessandro Iachino
"Of extraordinary power, in this sense, is precisely the snapshot on which opens, in an almost absolute silence, the curtain of the Teatro Sociale: a giant fir tree suspended in the void of a space of milky whiteness, which for long minutes rotates slowly on itself, while the music edited by Davide Tomat progressively mix natural sounds and noises - the flow of water, vague birdsongs - with artificial symphonic traces. Until the fall, the landslide, the crash."
Teatro e Critica, 19.XI.2019

Ring again, bell, please! - by Franco Cordelli
"Not a word on the stage, not an actor, only the images of the bell tower of Curon in Val Venosta drowning in the artificial lake. And the music of Arvo Pärt. Filippo Andreatta has made a work that you wish would never end."
la Lettura - Corriere della Sera 23.XI.2018

Filippo Andreatta, between theatre and architecture - by Valentina Lonati
"He transformed Rem Koolhaas' essay, Delirious New York, into a small theatrical revelation that has toured several Italian museums and theatres, [...]. OHT - Office for a Human Theatre was born from the desire to make the abstract concrete."
Icon Design, 30.IX.2016

The city that is born from fantasy - by Sara Chiappori
"A bold and very fascinating vision that the OHT company, one of the most interesting of the new indie scene, translates into multiple theatrical action that investigates the anarchy of the creative gesture. A sophisticated, ambitious and funny show."
la Repubblica - Milan, 20.IV.2016

The Theatre pays tribute to Gertrude Stein - of Editorial Staff
"A talented Italian experimental theater company brings to the stage a project inspired by the work of the legendary American writer and art lover."
sky arte, 26.XII.2015

Teatro dell'Arte in Milan, the "petite retrospective" of OHT: everything is lost except the absurd - by Nanni Delbecchi
"In its minute pride, the Minute Retrospective [of OHT] takes the theatre back to its deepest roots, as a place of existential resistance"
il Fatto Quotidiano, 17.XI.2015

Instability of shapes - by Antonia Dalpiaz
"An introduction that opens the mind to the profound meaning of democracy, [...]. A truly generous work of intuition, his [OHT's], open to dozens of solicitations, by no means exclusive to a highbrow audience, but a stimulating proposal to broaden the mind and get lost in the unexpected corners of one's own intimate creativity".
l’Adige 17.V.2015


2023 - Giulio Andreolli triennial prize Fare Paesaggio
Quality Mention
section: Culture, Education and Participation

2018 - UBU Prize nomination
Curon/Graun nominated for best set-up

2017 - OPERA 20.21
Awarded by Haydn Foundation

2017 - GAI - Giovani Artisti Italiani
Movin’ Up prize

2015 - GAI - Giovani Artisti Italiani
Movin’ Up prize

2008 - Nuove Sensibilità
Prize for young theatre-makers


Filippo Andreatta, founder >

Lucrezia Stenico, admin / producer >

Anna Benazzoli, antropologist >

Veronica Franchi, assistant director >

Cosimo Ferrigolo, stage manager >