OHT's new production tackles, for the first time, a classic of western literature; Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus. Rotating around the moment of the experiment, partial and vertical plunges are made into the text, without limits of form, language and duration. The novel becomes material to be examined, dissected, stitched up, a body available for different experiments: a theatre performance, a reading-session, an installation, a radio-drama, a music album and finally a book generate parts of the same operation that advances horizontally into the story to investigate its multiple ramifications.

The installation, conceived for the spaces of the Astra Theatre, recovers a waste-space, an architectural gap omitted from the executive drawings of the theatre itself. It is a plunge into the architecture of the theatre that manifests itself in all its design aporia. A dark, unresolved interior, a room kept from the public now shows itself for what it is; a hiding place. And it is the feeling of this spatial gap, the discovery of a precluded place, omitted from view, that evokes the presence of the monster and triggers an incomprehensible dialogue with the need to remain hidden and invisibility. A sentimental encounter between architectural obscenity and the evocation of Frankenstein.

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“On examining my dwelling, I found that one of the windows of the cottage had formerly occupied a part of it, but the panes had been filled up with wood. In one of these was a small and almost imperceptible chink through which the eye could just penetrate” Mary Shelley



running time

0:08:00.0 in loop




by OHT [Office for a Human Theatre]
> idea, set and writing Filippo Andreatta
> suond Davide Tomat
> stage manager Cosimo Ferrigolo
> production Teatro Piemonte Europa foundation
> in collaboration with Office for a Human Theatre

production history

8.II.23 > Astra Theatre, Turin > opening
> Astra TheatreTurin
16-19.II.23 > Astra TheatreTurin
23-26.II.23 > Astra Theatre, Turin
1-3.III.23 > Astra TheatreTurin
8-12.III.23 > Astra TheatreTurin
14-19.III.23 > Astra TheatreTurin
28.III-2.IV.23 > Astra TheatreTurin
18-23.IV.23 > Astra TheatreTurin
9-14.V.23 > Astra TheatreTurin