For the first time OHT's new production confronts a classic of Western literature; Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus. Moving around the time of the experiment, OHT makes partial and vertical lunges into the text, without limits of form, language and duration. The novel becomes material to be examined, dissected, re-stitched, a body available for different experiments: a performance, a reading session, an installation, a radio drama are generated as parts of the same experimentation that proceeds horizontally through the Shelley’s story to investigate its multiple ramifications.

At the heart of the novel, the meeting between Frankenstein and his creature gives rise to pages that seem far from the best known features of the story. On Mont Blanc, in front of a small bonfire the creature exposes itself, takes the floor and tells of the long learning of language, of the world, of himself; in this narrative it is the voice, with its uniqueness, and the word, in its relational dimension, that reveal aspects of the text often overlooked in the many transpositions.

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The reading session appears as a primal form: even before the performance -or next to it-, the collective reading aloud of passages from the novel activates the book in its possibility of encounter and generates an informal space. A space to share parts of the text often excluded from the common imagination and traces of OHT's research.

“I consented to listen, and seating myself by the fire which my odious companion had lighted, he thus began his tale” Mary Shelley







production history

25.VIII.21 > Nomadic School, Viote del Bondone
17.VI.22 > Centrale Fies, Dro
26.VIII.22 Opera Estate, Bassano
26.I.23 Loco's bar, Rovereto
2.II.23 Loco's bar, Rovereto
14-16.IX.23 > museo MAXXI, L'Aquila
07.X.23 > Giornata del Contemporaneo, Rovereto
12.X.23 The Arctic Circle, 79/80* N parallel
20.X.23 > Santa Marta, Venezia